"I have always looked at my competencies before accepting any responsibility." - N. R. Narayana Murthy

My innate competence lies essentially in priortising, communication & presentation whilst remaining considerate, efficient & reliable; Accustomed to working in multicultural environments to the ease of my peers & higher management.

As an Executive Assistant, I have worked closely with Directors & Chairpersons to help manage & ease their workload.

Administratively, contributed in multinational organisations, whereby I’ve witnessed substantial growth.

Project-wise, have added value in day to day operations in varied yet in-depth tasks.

Virtual Assistant- Adorning the role of a modern day Ms. Friday, I, as a Virtual Assistant, aspire to utilise my strengths & talents to build an entrepreneur within me. I’m establishing myself, providing administrative & secretarial support to various businesses. Although I posses a wholesome experience 'onsite', I am now going green by going 'online'.

My articulate business writing acumen in Corporate Content Writing, Proofreading, Editing and PR Write-ups such as Speeches, Articles enhance my potential to assist remotely.

My flair for Profiling, Writing and Designing is second nature to me. With an eye for detail, effective communication as well as neat presentation, I also remain mindful towards an individual's calibre.  I utilise my expertise whilst designing & writing profiles of various professionals at variety of levels covering beginners, mid-level & upper management positions.