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COVID-19 is not the only disruption that’s spread to more than 100 countries

On 11 March, the World Health Organization (WHO) formally announced the spread of the novel coronavirus as a pandemic, affecting more than 100 countries. As we speak, millions are being impacted by the crisis and the extent continues to expand exponentially.

Guess what else has followed since the outburst?

Isolation; in a social era where we are entangled within forced network, favourable or not, without the dreading label of outcasts – we are now gaining the benefit to isolate and breathe for ourselves. Isolation sounds more like liberation.

Sanitation; has become our prime focus. We have developed some sort of an OCD towards our environment. Let’s face it, we didn’t know, leave alone practice - the highest standards cleanliness.

Digitalisation; trades are still proceeding, transactions still taking place, systems are still running, all thanks to the modern conducive digitalisation. The technology and the apps are effectively generating solutions, literally.

Travel; with nowhere to reach, we are going slow, taking significant steps towards safety, care and protection. The word that we so cautiously used ‘cancellation’ is now a friendly approach. We are transitioning towards a global phenomenon.  

Conservation; none of us are going splurge be it events, inventories or even groceries, every deal and deed is considered only on the basis of its value and its merit. We find ourselves asking - do we need it? if yes - do we need it now? if no – how can we adapt or modulate the need for it?

Innovation; well established business models are altering their trajectories. Expectations have reduced and flexibilities have increased. Innovative solutions are sought after, and no time is wasted in accepting the new norms.  

Time; the only resource that humankind is known to take for granted, was measured in proportion to the hours put in at work. Today, right in the midst of all the economic chaos productivity is proportionate to results. Results that needed to be tactfully presented in-person are now delivered in-box.

Optimisation; With additional time to spare professionals are splendidly balancing it with their families and loved ones. A few aspiring authors like myself are completing their half-written books. Several are optimising their time liberally in readings, learnings, paintings, research. The indulgence on self-discovery might have been a delayed investment until this present day.

Unification; the magnitude of a community building is not in a regional unit, it’s global! We are all one force, one race combating one virus. The raging sentiment is going stronger by the minute. The medical fraternity are surging collaborations to find the right antidotes.

Empathy; the citizens of the world are binding themselves with each other with an intangible human emotion, at a much higher frequency. The spirit of war-like competitiveness has been replaced by warm compassion. I’ve heard, the virus reduces its effectivity when temperatures get warmer. It’s a hearty sign.  

The purpose of this article is to remind us the age-old adage ‘everything happens for a reason’. These reasons are revelations, more like learnings. And I believe once we learn the purpose in face of adversity, the catastrophe begins to loosen its grip.

Through this article, I am inviting the world to share what you have learnt and if we have universally found the ‘reason’ and pledge to keep the lessons, we will be able to gratefully bid corona virus a good bye.

your [virtual] angel in disguise!

Rishika Inamdar

OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant

+91 9833242761

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