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Why do Startups need a Virtual Assistant?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

'One man show' such a fancy and yet age old phrase that depicts a Start-up story.

It explicitly outlines the status of your business and it's operations. It indicates that your product / service concept needs to be looked at as a novel solution. And on the flipside it gets seasoned investors to be concerned by your business practices.

Are you capable to handle the volume when a big contract comes your way? Do you understand the magnitude of operational load that would fall upon your back? If you are honestly asking yourself these questions too, then am sure this thought has crossed your mind - 'I wish there was someone reliable to handle these administrative matters that suck up most of my time'.

Here's a petty insight, you have grabbed those eyeballs in the last networking meet. You have struck a chord with 5 potential clients out of forty+ business cards that you have collected. Next thing you do is get in touch with your Virtual Assistant, ask her/him to mail the company profile and the concept note to all forty+ of your new business contacts and fix an appointment with those 5 specific clients, for the week. You get notifications from your calendar that 3 appointments have been fixed and 2 have been scheduled for the following week. Your email box also has a surprise for you, out of the other 35+ contacts, three want to meet you to discuss future alliance with you. So you now have 6 meetings set within a span of a week! 6 potential businesses coming your way! Wait don't let this overwhelm you! Your address book has been updated with 40+ names. These names have been further sent an invitation to be connected on LinkedIn with a personalized message, displaying your professional attributes. This looks virtually impossible to you - right? Wrong! #VirtualisReal To sum this up, let's address the areas in the above scenario, where OfficeCraft Virtual Assistance will contribute : *Collating the business cards

*Updating the client database

*Sending emails

*Scheduling appointments

*Confirming the meetings / venue

*Preparing the presentation + sales pitch

*Sending invitations on LinkedIn All this at a price of one cafe mocha (make it two please - if you'd like to give me company)!

Get in touch, let me know - how may I assist you?

your [virtual] angel in disguise!

Rishika Inamdar

OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant

+91 9833242761

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